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Travis Clark of recently revealed on The Gunz Show the band were victims of an attempted kidnapping in Malaysia by a man posing as their driver. A transcription of the interview can be read below.

"We were in Malaysia, and there was a guy who was required to take us from Point A to Point B – that was his only job. And he took us from the hotel over to the venue, and he was sounding kind of crazy, but he got us over there. And then at the end of the show, we got down to the car with him, and I’m pretty sure that was the day that we were supposed to die. He took us in the car, and I don’t know what he had done within the three hours, but he was out of his mind. He was driving 60mph over the speed limit. He pulled down the wrong offramp because he didn’t know where he was going, and instead of doing what a normal person would do and just trying to turn around, he started reversing on the onramp. People were swerving to avoid him. And he was trying to cover for himself like, “Don’t worry about it man, this is normal driving over here, and anyway, I’ve been up for five days. I haven’t been able to sleep.” And it was like, “What, dude? You haven’t slept in five days? What’s wrong with you?” And he was like, “I don’t know man, there are some crazy drugs in the world.”

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